32 Free & Premium Poster Fonts for Every Graphics Designer

Do you find picking the right poster font a tricky task?

Or is it the abundance of best poster fonts that makes you nervous for selecting the right one?

Being a graphic designer, I understand your pain and the importance of picking the right font for a poster design.

What if I tell you that you won’t have to go through such a painstaking task researching the right fonts for posters as every font you’d ever need is mentioned in this post?

Select the best poster fonts and give your designs the right feel and attract your target audience with perfect typeface size.

Best Poster Fonts for Designers

You might have to create an appealing poster design for a travel agency, or it might be for the restaurant or for some other business. I understand how diverse projects can create selection hurdles for picking the right poster font for you. So, I chose each font that serves multiple purposes when designing a poster!

Come, let me share the interesting selection of best post fonts to achieve your creative goals!

Rissa Typeface

Best Font For Posters - Rissa

Price: $10

The first recommendation, in the best poster fonts, is Rissa, a typeface that is capable of giving your artwork an artistic impression.

Supporting both OTF and TTF formats, this contribution from Maulana Creative is a blessing for anyone who wants to highlight the core message in the poster via such a beautiful typeface that looks as close to handwritten text as the eyes deserve to be treated. In short, Rissa could enhance your creative’s quality to manifolds.

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Into The Wild

Good Font For Poster - Into The Wild

Price: $20

If you’re looking for a poster font for a travelling campaign or something that connects your design with the tourism industry, I recommend Into The Wild.

The reason for suggesting this poster font is its customization feature that you can integrate with your poster design and give your artwork an artistic impression that is necessary for seeking attention, quickly.

Plus, the font supports both OTF and TTF formats along with offering a versatile range of SVG color fonts.

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Burford Line

Fonts For Posters - Burford Line

Price: $17

If your search for the best poster fonts, including something elegant as well as classy, I suggest you consider using Burford Line.

Burford Line comes with 18 different font versions that can glorify your poster’s overall quality and increase the appeal to the viewer. In short, this poster font is also ideal if you want to add an attractive title to your poster’s top and give the design a powerful hook from your viewer’s perspective.

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Baddest Typeface

Best Font For Posters - Baddest

Price: $17

In case your search includes a vintage display font for the poster design, try Baddest Typeface!

The font comes with both uppercase as well as lowercase and includes numerical signs to give your design an elite status. Along with having a perfect range of ligatures and punctuations, this poster font gives you full freedom to use it in a number of places such as when you design flyers, business cards or merch.

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Good Font For Poster - Homemade

Price: Free

Sometimes, the designer wants to invoke a calming feeling into the poster’s design. And if you’re seeking a similar effect in your poster, I recommend you to use Homemade typeface.

The font comes with two different font versions that are good to be used in a number of designs. From beauty products to cooking posters and quotations to snack’s packaging, this font gives you versatile options to play with your creativity which is one of the reasons for declaring it as the best font for posters.

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Aviorte Blackletter

Fonts For Posters - Aviorte Blackletter

Price: Free

Do you want to give your poster a gothic effect?

Try Aviorte!

A poster font that offers you full freedom to go old-school and make your design look vintage and wonderful. Not just alphabets, Aviorte also comes with numerical characters and special marks, too. And this is the reason that I added it to the best poster fonts to suggest to you something unique in terms of look and feel.

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Le Bonjour Font Family

Best Poster Fonts - Le Bomjor

Price: $10

Some designs talk via their fonts and Le Bonjour is exactly that one!

In my list of best poster fonts, Le Bonjour is a distinct option that makes your designs appealing as well as attractive with its unusual typeface style.

When used in the presence of bright colors, this font can add a quirkiness and attraction in your poster’s design which is why I recommend using this font for designing posters.

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Onix Hand-Painted SVG Font

Best Poster Font - Onex

Price: $10

If your search includes a classic poster font, Onix could be the answer!

Onix comes with 6 different font packs that support a plethora of formats including OTF, HTML, WOFF, and CSS. Onix gives your posters the power to leave a strong impression on the viewer with its elegance and a stylish ligature that can be used in a number of surfaces, not just posters.

Plus, you can totally personalize the text to match with your poster’s design requirements, too.

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Highrush Font Duo

Good Font For Poster - Highrush

Price: $14

If you’re trying to invoke a calming touch of a city life’s evening, Highrush Font Duo is the right option.

This font, belonging to Sans Serif family, enables your design to seek everyone’s attention with its classy appeal and a little blend of script font which gives it a unique status as the best poster fonts. Plus, this font supports a multitude of languages that broadens its horizon to be used in different posters having variable languages.

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Quirk – Fun Display Font

Fonts For Posters - Qurick

Price: $18

Speaking of an elegant and classy Sans Serif font, I suggest you consider buying Quirk!

This poster font is ideal if you’re working on a design for beauty products or say spa center’s promotion as it offers you the same soothing feel as these two industries promise. Plus, the beautifully designed glyphs invigorate such a mesmerizing feeling in conjunction with calm colors in the background.

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The Mozart Script3

Poster Font For Designers - The Mozart Script

Price: $20

Are you seeking such a calming feeling that drags you back into an era several centuries back?

Try using The Mozart Script that enables you to achieve such an effect in your poster’s design. The reason for adding it to the best poster fonts is its versatile styles that you can incorporate into your design. Plus, the versatile range of ligatures is another reason for considering this font for designing posters.

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Poster Font For Designers - Spot

Price: $17

Next in the list of best poster fonts is SPOT that gives you the power to make striking headlines in your poster’s design. This semi-Sans Serif font offers you a versatile range of options to incorporate in your poster’s design with its Regular, Italic, and Outline Italic styles along with supporting both OTF and TTF formats, too.

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Anaheim Script Font

Best Poster Fonts - Anaheim Script

Price: Free

I’ve one other script font option to suggest in the shape of Anaheim Script Font!

This font has a very classy glyph that sets it as a unique option for making posters for jewelry as well as to portray something feminine in your posters.

Plus, the multiple format support (OTF, TTF, WOFF) is another reason for suggesting this vintage script font.

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Blue Lagoon Decorative Font

Fonts For Posters - Blue Lagon

Price: Free

If you’re working on an aquatic poster, I insist you consider using the Blue Lagoon Decorative Font in your design.

This font gives you a very subtle feel of water drops as well as the calming appeal of the seaside. Apart from being one of the best poster fonts, this option is also an ideal choice for creating other marketing collaterals, too.

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North Carossella Sans Serif Font

Poster Font For Designers - North Cosle

Price: $10

Invoke the elegant as well as a classy feel in your posters via this amazing poster font choice called North Carosella Sans Serif Font.

Having a semi-calligraphic ligature, North Carosella Sans Serif font gives your posters a distinct appeal and enables your designs to capture the attention of your target audience with a striking appeal in the design.

In short, North Carosella Sans Serif is the right choice for use in posters that deal with fashion and style.

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Elika Gorcia Display Font

Fonts For Posters - Elika Gorica

Price: $10

In the list of best poster fonts, Elika Gorica Display Font can be the right choice for your next poster design. The curves on the side of this font give it a vintage feel and open various possibilities to use this option.

And the semi-decorative elements that are attached to this font further instill a wow factor in your poster’s design, too.

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Poster Font For Designers - Nabila Script

Price: $20

If you prefer to use a freestyle poster font in your design, try Nabila!

This font comes with a soothing, casual feel that can make your poster stand out from a length and enables your design to win hearts with its funky feel. The outline is what gives it a groovy feel that makes your posters likable and appealing in the first glimpse. Then, there are different font styles that further offer you the options to make your designs pop.

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Brother Typeface

Fonts For Posters - Brother Typeface

Price: $17

Since we’re talking about groovy fonts for posters, not mentioning Brother Typeface would be an unjust act for the designer community.

Having a marker-like effect in its typeface’s glyphs is what gives this font a selectable vibe. Plus, the support for various formats is another plus point to buy this poster font. Along with that, this font comes in handy when you want to use it in a number of marketing collaterals.

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Botera Stencil Font

Best Poster Fonts - Botera Stencil

Price: Free

Some designs are lauded for having a stylish touch in them and they all contain a classy font.

Speaking of classy poster font, I’d suggest you to consider Botera Stencil Font that gives you a clean and creative feel in your poster’s design.

This font comes in two versions to match your design’s requirements especially when your posters are related with drinks or food and require an attractive feel, too.

Let’s Download

Red Sky Signature Font

Good Font For Poster - Red Sky Signature

Price: Free

Calligraphic fonts are associated with elegance and class from the very beginning. And if your search includes something like that, I’d suggest you consider using the Redsky Signature Font!

You can grace your design with Masanis Studio’s creative work that they’ve contributed to the designing community via the Redsky Signature Font, an ideal option in best poster fonts.

Let’s Download

Brume Decorative Font

Posters Best Font - Brume Decorative

Price: $10

In case if you’re looking to add a casual, refreshing feel to your posters, I suggest you use Brume Decorative Font. Using this font can help you in relating your design with a soothing scenery that you usually find in a landscape artist’s work.

Let’s Download

Heady Rough SVG Typeface

Good Font For Poster - Heady Rough

Price: $10

If you’re seeking to add some ruggedness in your poster’s design, try using Heady Rough SVG Typeface! This font has a spray-like feel in its glyphs that make it an ideal option for inclusion in the best poster fonts or if you’re planning to give your poster a casual touch.

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Poster Font For Designers - Sophila

Price: $16

Here’s another wonderful poster font option belonging to the Serif Font Family, Sophillia!

The reason for suggesting this poster font is its beautiful ligatures that enable your designs to be associated with vintage creatives. Plus, it supports a multitude of formats, too!

Let’s Download

The Great Outdoors

Good Font For Poster - The Great Outdoor

Price: $17

In case you prefer to use marker-like fonts in your poster design, I’d suggest you buy The Great Outdoors poster font. This font has been designed to cater the needs of those creative works that involve handwritten font styles. Plus, there are 2 different versions in this font pack that would surely enhance your creativity horizons.

Let’s Download

Lil Stuart Fonts Collection

Fonts For Posters - Lil Stuart Fonts

Price: Free

Looking for a poster font combo?

Try using the Lil Stuart Font Pack!

Having the duo of sans serif and calligraphy fonts, this combination gives your designs a powerful impact that ensures your poster’s success whenever you use this font combination.

Let’s Download

Refaline Script Font

Good Font For Poster - Refaline Script

Price: Free

If you prefer to use a calligraphic font in your poster design, I highly recommend you to use the Refaline Script Font!

Having very subtle glyphs, this font offers you a clean feel and an attractive element in your poster’s design. You can make your posters look fascinating as well as classy by using this poster font that includes numbers and characters, too.

Let’s Download

Daviton SVG Freestyle Font

Best Font For Posters - Daviton SVG Freestyle

Price: $10

Do you want to develop a special bond with your viewers and seek a realistically designed handwritten poster font?

Consider using Daviton SVG Freestyle Font that has everything that you’d ever need to achieve this goal. There are 3 different styles that you get with this font pack along with a very stylish glyph pattern which makes it an ideal addition to the best poster fonts.

Let’s Download

Merchant Street Sans

Fonts For Posters - Merchanrt

Price: $18

If your poster demands to have a bold font in its design, try using Merchant Street Sans Font! Using this poster font can enable your design to communicate with the viewer with its vintage pattern and a versatile range of fonts all packed in this poster font option.

Let’s Download

Almond Font

Best Poster Fonts - Almond

Price: $17

I’ve another marker-like font to suggest for poster design, Almond!

This Sans Serif font gives you the confidence to use it in more design options such as logos or business cards than using it just for posters. Plus, you get to avail different formats such as TTF and EOT which makes it an ideal option in best poster fonts, too.

Let’s Download

Comodo Sans Serif

Best Poster Fonts - Comodo Sans Serif

Price: Free

If you really want to add a wow factor to your posters with a vintage effect, I’ve another wonderful and probably one of the best poster fonts, Comodo!

Comodo gives you an identical feel as you’d find in 60s advertisements due to its unique glyph styling. Plus, there are 4 different styles that you get to have in this poster font that increase your chances of having a different design result.

Let’s Download

Riviera Signature Font

Good Font For Poster - Riviera Signature

Price: $10

Before I conclude this list containing the best poster fonts, here’s another calligraphy font that can enhance the attraction of your posters to manifolds.

Consider buying Riviera Signature Font that has more than 400 characters and supports various formats. This font has different ligatures which look perfect when placed next to the design object. In fact, this versatility unlocks the door to create something unique and never tried before.

Let’s Download

Silver Crown

Best Font - Silver Crown

Price: $16

Allow me to introduce the showstopper of the best poster fonts, Crown!

As the name implies, this font gives you a royal-like feel with its special glyphs that are designed for a specific purpose, to add a king-like feel. Plus, there are more than 100 ligatures that you get with this poster font along with 9 alternative styles. And having this much variation can surely make your poster design look distinct and you can try even more font combinations using Crown.

Let’s Download

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Final Words

So, this was a handy list containing the best poster fonts for my graphic design community!

The list contains a wide range of poster font options but I personally found Burford Line very useful for designing not just posters but logos as well as flyers, too.

Keep creating magical posters with this handy list of best poster fonts. Adios!

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