10 Major Reasons Why Animals Are Used in Logo Design?

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

Smelly cat, smelly cat it’s not your fault…

Take a walk down the memory lane and think of the person it reminds you of…

I can see the grin on your face ☺

Needless to say, human beings share a deep relationship with animals.

From songs, our homes to the logos, these animals don’t leave us.

Talk of animals’ usage in the logo design, I can say that their presence transmits a message that can be decoded by almost everyone.

Ever thought why everyone loves animal logos?

It’s because we are hardwired to love visuals. It’s correct to say, “We all are visual species.”

According to Rochester.edu, 50% of our brain is busy in processing visual information.

We all have some kind of association with a specific animal. To me, it’s a lion, to you, it may be a horse. The cow is a sacred animal in India, while the camel usually represents the Arabian Peninsula. When we see our favorite animal in a brand’s logo, our subconscious mind gets activated. We feel a different kind of pull towards that brand.

That magnetic pull forces us to know more about a brand even when our capacity doesn’t permit us to buy one.

This all comes down to one unified point, why animals are mostly used in logo design?

After careful observation of years and uncountable analysis, I have compiled some major reasons. If you are an entrepreneur and thinking of getting a logo for your business, just stop right here. Read it out and then make a decision.

Without any further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Animals provide us easy metaphors

When words can’t communicate, visuals do the job.

Animals in logos provide prominent metaphors that include:

  • Strength
  • Hearing
  • Size
  • Sight
  • Speed

Have you ever thought why there is a horse in Ferrari’s logo?

Ferrari’s logo - Animal Logo

That horse is the symbol of Count Francesco Barraca, who was the heroic name during World War I. That very horse was only painted on the fighter plane of Francesco.

This logo more speaks for speed, victory, energy, and non-stop progress.

Having known that, I can say, animals are crucial to convey metaphors.

Have you ever thought about why some people use an elephant in their logos?

It is because, elephant denotes memory. You must have seen Ever Note; to represent enhanced memory, it has used elephant in the logo.

Have a look at one more masterpiece down below. How beautifully it is crafted yet is compelling enough.

Elepose - Animal Logo

2. Animal logos are loved by all

Name just one person who doesn’t love animals; trust me, I will offer you a free subway sandwich. (Just kidding)

In our households, pets are treated as pals. Since we share a never-ending fascination with them, it is ideal for making them a part of your logo.

Chat Cat - Animal Logos

If you see the logo of Swiss eagle or Lamborghini, it conveys the message of undying strength and unbeatable force. Here are a few examples of logos that have beautifully incorporated most-loved animals.

Isn’t it just Purrrfect! Miss Feline looks in the mood to talk.

The Lion represents bravery, courage, and leadership.

Lion Animal Logo

Point to ponder: Don’t you feel it can be an excellent fit for a newly established company?

3. Animals are the sheer association triggers

“You are speaking like a parrot.”

Chatty-beings can relate to it. It’s natural for us to associate things with animals. At various times, I have heard it from my friends, “Your car runs like a horse.” And most of the time, when I don’t pick up their call, they say, “You get busy like a bee.”

King Robin - Animal Logos

I can understand this association, so should you. Entrepreneurs use animals in logos to trigger the emotion attached to it. Not only it saves them from being mocked, but there are fewer chances of being misunderstood.

See the logo down below; you will understand the association.

Robin bird is famous for being loyal to their summer and winter territories. Moreover, it’s one of the most loveable garden birds that stay faithful and with cheerful voice enhances the aura of nature.

Indirectly, this brand is giving the notion of being friendly and there for you.

Song Bird Studio Animal Logos

Another beautiful logo is “Song Bird Studio.” The imagery is pretty clear to understand the real meanings.

4. Animals possess distinctive personalities

What’s not easy to convey via shapes can be conveyed with the use of animals.

For instance: If your brand is edgy or if your brand is fun, the colors and shapes may not convey the right message. However, animal figures always work here.

The animal kingdom is diverse; every animal possesses different qualities. They are pretty rich in visual details that set them apart. You must have seen WWF logo. Since Panda is one of the endangered species, they have cleverly used it in their logo.

Have a look at this logo.

Black Magic - Animal Logos

The owl appears at night, in the day time it is invisible. To represent the night, the darkness, the designer has used this animal here.

5. Businesses have different traits to communicate

The personality of every brand is different. What else can be the best way to communicate those traits other than using much-loved figures?

I am talking about using animal figures. For instance: Cats are chatty while the dog is a symbol of fitfulness. Since we all associate certain traits with certain animals, it is a clever approach to make it a part of our branding.

When you see a cheetah in a logo, in an instant, you recognize that it has something to do with force or speed. Therefore, to communicate the brand traits, businesses prefer using animals that resonate well with their traits.

Stable - Animal Logo

Look at this one. The logo sharply explains the traits of the brand.

6. To communicate transformation

If you are a brand that is more focused on transforming others’ lives, nothing else can convey the message other than an animal logo.

I have a fantastic example to share here. Mind Valley– that is on the mission of transforming lives have used butterfly in its logo. But why?

It is because a butterfly primarily speaks for transformation.

Mind Valley - Animal Logo

7. Animals strengthen the emotional bond

No matter how many shapes, hand figures, symbols you come up with, it’s not easy to build up an emotional bond with customers.

Customer’s decisions are driven by their emotions. What they feel for a particular brand dictates its future. Therefore, to allow them to build up that connection, businesses prefer using animals in logo design.

Alpaca Creative Animal Logo

How cheerful this logo looks. It’s enough to bring a vivid smile on your face. The cutest Alpaca signifies trust, strength, and endurance. Alpaca has symbolic ties to balance, community, and faith.

8. Animal visuals are memorable

Tell me how many logos you see in a day, and how many you remember?

I am sure; you can’t even name a few. If a brand logo isn’t memorable, then it can’t ever hammer a consumer’s mind. However, if you use something in a logo that customers love, then mate, “the deal is sealed.”

From kindergarten to the date, we have an exclusive association with animals. Businesses use animals in their logos to stay there in the consumer’s mind.

After all, special ties are hard to be broken.

Crazy Squirrel - Animal Logos

Look at this logo. It is giving out energetic vibes. Onwards, when I am off to cycling, this Crazy Squirrel will remain there in my mind.

9. To evoke positive emotions

If the main character of a logo is a cute animal, automatically, it evokes positive emotions. You already know about human-pet attachment. Seeing the animal in a logo gives a boost to those emotions.

According to Charles Darwin’s theory, the commonality between species is innate and serves as a link between humans and animals.

Since the commonality is there, it is evident to share a deep connection with animals.

See the logo down below. You will experience the positive emotions it is giving.

Gpleap Animal Logo

10. Excellent mark of identification

An animal logo serves as an excellent mark of identification. It fulfills the following purposes:

  • Easily communicate to your potential customers what a brand is all about
  • It clearly defines what is your USP
  • It offers a quick glance at what you are offering.

A person doesn’t have to wonder about your brand when an enriched visual is there to communicate all the traits. Needless to say, in a short span of time, an animal logo shares a lot about your company.

Crabsy Seafood - Animal Logos

See this vivid logo. I don’t even need to explain what a brand does. Everything is being conveyed with the presence of this sea creature.

Final thoughts

The animal logo always works!

No matter what brand story you want to communicate, it always serves the purpose. The point is, you just need to know the animal that syncs best with your brand traits. Giving you a quick checklist:

  • Be firm about your brand traits and think of the animals that best represent it
  • Do some detective work and search for the market leaders that are using the same animal
  • Come up with a cheerful version of that logo
  • Try using the minimalist approach and be playful with the color schemes

I hope this blog has cleared your confusion related to why people use animals in the logo design. If you think that I have missed something, let me know in the comments section down below.

Happy vibes!

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