33 Premium & Free Vintage Fonts for Graphic Designers In 2021

Fonts play an important character in making the logo flawless and give your branding a refreshing feel. But choosing the right font is still a riddle for designers and the branding experts which makes the selection process an energy draining activity. 

Why don’t you go old school and consider using a vintage font that never fails to spell a magic in the design? 

Being a creative myself, I understand how frustrating it could be for you to go through millions of awesome vintage font options. So, I decided to simplify your research part with this extensive best vintage font list. Come, let me suggest you some premium and free vintage fonts that you may use into your branding elements, or more clearly in your logo design.

Best Vintage Fonts for Designers

We, the creatives, often find us with little to no inspiration to create something unique as well as jaw dropping and this can affect our work quality. But if we look back at time and see what used to be trendy in its zenith and how we can incorporate it in today’s fast-track pace, we’ll create something wonderful. This is the basic idea behind suggesting various best vintage fonts via this handy list. 

Know that each vintage font, mentioned below, is picked very carefully for suggesting you the ones that can recreate the awesome era in your logo as well as other branding elements. Come, let me suggest you some cool vintage fonts that can make your design well to wonderful in a matter of seconds!

Hotline Modern Vintage Font 

Best Vintage Font - Hotline Modern Vintage Fuente

Price: $17

First, in paid vintage fonts, is Hotline Modern Vintage Font that offers you full creative freedom. 

If your plans are to give your design 70s feel while creating social media creatives, logo design or product packaging, this is the best vintage font that you can have. The calligraphic typeface offers your design a fresh feel that make your creatives distinct and attractive. 

Plus, this vintage font also doubles the impact of your designs if you’re working on product trademark. 

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Knucklehead Font Family

Vintage Fonts 2021 - Knucklehead

Price: $40

One of the ways to make your branding successful is to add the element of culture. Speaking of culture, I’ve one best option from the premium vintage fonts in shape of Knucklehead Font. 

This font family has been designed to give you the industrial era feel with its typeface design. There are several different typeface versions that you can incorporate in your branding plan and make your message distinct and effect or utilize this font for creating a logo for the company.

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Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family

Vintage Font - Bilcase Font

Price: $39

Those of you who understand branding techniques, know how a font can influence to the design especially when it is meant to give an old era feeling. Bilcase Font Familyd is one of the best premium vintage fonts that possess this quality. 

And I’d recommend you to purchase this font bundle if your branding demands to have a certain vintage feel to it. There are several versions such as Regular, Fill, Shadow, Outline, and Block that further make your design pop via legible and lovely font.

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Vintage Fonts 2021 - Thunderstorm

Price: $16

Do you want to give your designs an 80s feel? I’d recommend you to consider Thunderstorm by Aiyari that is a perfect option to achieve your branding goals. 

One of the best choices in premium vintage fonts, this logo has a wider application in design world that includes logos, book covers, invitations and merch printing. Plus, it supports both OTF and TTF formats and works on all vector designing software such as Illustrator.

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Maghrib Font

Best Vintage Font - Maghrib

Price: FREE

Maghrib by Ergibi Studio is one fine addition to free vintage fonts that gives a soothing feel. If your branding demands an Arabic touch in the logo, social creatives and other branding material, this can be a perfect option to consider.

Maghrib’s typeface has been designed to adjust in the creative so naturally that it justifies with the final product just as you assume during the brainstorming session.

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Premium Vintage - Stocolmo

Price: $17

I’ve one fine recommendation for designers who prefer to use calligraphic fonts into their design projects, Stockholm. 

The reason for selecting Stockholm for graphic design work is its support for various vector-based editing software and unlimited glyphs that allow you customize the font as you prefer. Plus, this font has a wide application for creating awesome business cards, brochures and it proves its worth if you want to add the touch of branding in your stationery.

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Aurellia Vintage Font

Vintage Fonts - Aurellia

Price: $17

Here’s another best vintage font in shape of Aurellia Vintage Font that offers you a beautiful touch of old time’s hand lettering in the graphic design work. 

If you prefer to use decorative, more precisely cursive, fonts in your graphic design work, I’ll highly recommend you this eye-catching font collection that has various ligatures and glyph variations. Plus, you can add cursive numerals in your design and maintain its awesome feel, too.

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Best Fonts 2021 - Biscotti

Price: $20

The recipe to create awesome branding elements for cookies related products is to use relevant fonts. In my list of premium vintage fonts, Biscotti is one such remarkable font choice that can give you the exact freshness that your products deserve. 

Its distinct typefaces are designed to give your branding a relatable connection with appetite and taste along with various font versions.

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Melvis – Vintage Font Family

Best Vintage Fonts - Melvis

Price: $19

In case you’re searching for an expandable vintage font, I recommend you to buy Melvis Vintage Font Family. 

The reason for suggesting Melvis, as one of the best premium vintage fonts, is that it offers you a versatile range of fonts that give you the creative freedom to play with your design. And give it the perfect looks that reminisce with the old eras taking you back to the 1800s.

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Aradeva Font

Vintage Fonts - Aradeva Font

Price: FREE

Sometimes using a little help from old manuscripts can give your designs a fresh look. And Aradeva is a perfect option amongst the free vintage fonts that can make your designs worth praising with its Egyptian patterned fonts. 

Download it, test it on your sample designs and discover the various possibilities that this font offers.

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The Mainstay Font

Premium Vintage Fonts - Mainstry Font

Price: FREE

Hand lettering is one of the best font types that we get in the archives of time. If you want to use free vintage fonts in your design and specifically want a hand lettering font, I recommend you to consider Mainstay that offers a dynamic feel to your design work with its distinct typefaces and a vibe of 60s. 

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Benihana Vintage Font

Free Vintage Fonts - Banihana

Price: $17

Using ribbons used to be a trend in design world a few decades ago. And if your intentions are to revive that era in your branding projects via one of the premium vintage fonts, I’d recommend you to use Benihana Vintage Font. 

The font not just offers you an elegant typeface but contains the element of those ribbons that I just mentioned. In other words, you can gracefully bestow your designs the touch of 60s without having to deal with ribbon effects separately.

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Qinzy – Vintage Font

Best Vintage Font - Qinzy

Price: $17

Here’s another wonderful option in shape of Qinzy if your plans are to add the touch of 70s in your graphic design projects. 

This vintage font selection is a perfect way to create engaging creative designs that contain the soothing and relaxing feel of Atari game console and dialer phone. 

If your branding project demands to have such a touch, Qinzy is the best vintage font for you.

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Premium Font  - Mythshire

Price: $19

Mythshire is an amazing addition to my premium vintage fonts list that provides your design the feel of thriller and suspense. This is best suited for projects that demand the essence of 12th century when everything was written with ink pens and there was no concept of print.

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Grindstone Vintage Font

Vintage Font For Designer - Grindstone

Price: $18

Take your consumers back in the century old era with Grindstone Vintage Font Family. Belonging to Sans Serif font family and having various ligature combinations along with best typeface in vintage category, this font can create a wonderful feeling in your book titles, business cards and even on your website’s hero images.

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Hey October Font

Premium Vintage Font For Graphic Designer - Hey October

Price: FREE

Hey October, by Khurasan is one fine addition to my free vintage fonts collection that offers you such brush-like feel that makes your design a piece of art. This font is ideal for creating posters, comic book covers and various other branding elements that are crucial for maximum marketing benefits.

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Jealousy Font

Vintage Font For Designer - Jealous

Price: FREE

Speaking of free vintage fonts, Jealousy by Creatype Studio is one fine option for creating posters and social media ads. Its bold typefaces are such wonderful feature in this font that make your design impactful and attractive which is one of the reasons that I added it to this list. Create as much branding elements as you want with this amazing free vintage font.

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Motherline Vintage Toolbox

Vintage Font - Mother Line

Price: $17

Motherline Vintage Toolbox is one of the best premium vintage fonts that you can incorporate in your design with confidence. This font offers you a versatile range of ligatures as well as various versions of fonts such as regular, bold, and rough that can prove to be a treat for your consumers due to its cursive glyphs and versatile range of applications.

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Best Vintage Font - Fibre

Price: $17

In case you want to give your designs a prominent title, Fibre is one perfect option amongst the premium vintage fonts for any graphic design work. This All-Caps vintage font offers you realistic feel as if it’s written by hand which invokes the humanistic touch in your design with its variable glyphs and perfect kerning ratio.

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Bignord Vintage

Vintage Fonts 2021 For Graphic Designer

Price: $16

There was a fascination in product labelling during 50s and Bignord Typeface reminds us of such elegant era. This is not just a font for creating awesome logos but offers versatile range of frames and lines, too. This is one of the reasons that I added Bignord Typeface to my premium vintage fonts list so you can, too, benefit from its perfect typeface design and an appealing look.

Let’s Download

Olive Village

Vintage Font - Olive Village

Price: $16

If legibility is your main concern, while looking for best premium vintage fonts, then I highly recommend that you consider Olive Village. 

There are two versions that you can get into this vintage font, regular and italic, that make your design attractive and on-point. Plus, you can incorporate this font with similar other OpenType fonts to achieve your designing goals.

Let’s Download

Northead Font

Premium Fonts For Designer - Northead Font

Price: FREE

Here’s another best option for those graphic designers who prefer to use free vintage fonts inspired by early 1920s. Northead is a perfect embodiment of best vintage fonts from industrial revolution era that you can use in your designs and give your branding a nice twist, too.

Let’s Download

Blacklite Script

Best Vintage Font - Blacklite

Price: FREE

If you liked Vintage Queens, here’s another ideal option for designers with calligraphic font preferences in shape of Blacklite. Designed by Letterhend Studio, this font offers you an amazing hand lettering experience if your search includes free vintage fonts with cursive typefaces. And the possibilities to use this font into various design work are endless.

Let’s Download

The Aviator Font Collection

Vintage Font For 2021 - The Avitar

Price: $15

If your objectives are to give your graphic design work a fine twist and the element of peak factory era from the 40s, I recommend you to consider buying The Aviator Font Collection. 

This option comes with a versatile range of font versions that you can use to adjust the tone of your design without including different font sets. Plus, this font can be used in various languages which is one of the reasons that I consider this the best choice in premium vintage fonts.

Let’s Download

Buckwheat Vintage Font Collection

Best Premium Font For Designers - Buckwheat

Price: $17

Just like Fibre, here’s another ideal option in premium vintage fonts, Buckwheat Vintage Font Collection. This font is ideal for designers who prefer to use All-Caps fonts with chalk-like feel in their design work. 

Plus, you’ll find a versatile range of font versions in Buckwheat Vintage Font Collection that gives you unlimited options to tweak your design work.

Let’s Download

Hollywood Vintage Font

Vintage Best Font - Hollywood

Price: $12

Looking for an OpenType vintage font for graphic design work?

I’ve just the perfect suggestion to make in shape of Hollywood Vintage Font that has unlimited glyphs and various alternative versions to enable the attractive side of your vintage branding skills. Bring back the era of early 60s with this brilliantly designed vintage font in 2021.

Let’s Download

Hotel Royal Vintage Font

Best Fonts In 2021 - Hotel Royal

Price: $12

Are you a fan of old hotel logos from 1930s and want to give your project such elegant feel with one of the premium vintage fonts? Consider Hotel Royal Vintage Font that can give your imaginations a tangible reality. One of the reasons for adding this to the best vintage fonts list is its support for various platforms and famous formats such as OTF and TTF. 

Let’s Download

Dreamwood Font

Vintage Font For Graphic Designers - Dreamwood Font

Price: FREE

Are you one of those designers who are a big fan of Disney’s shows such as Cinderella and want to use something similar in your design? I suggest you to consider Dreamwood, one of the best free vintage fonts, that can help in achieving your creative goals. Plus, this font offers a wide application than being used for logo design.

Let’s Download

Belymon Font

Premium Best Font For Designer - Bolymon Script

Price: FREE

Being a creative, I understand the challenges for designer or digital artist to find the best free vintage fonts. But I’m sure Belymon Script won’t disappoint you with its flexibility in terms of usage as well as the purpose it can be used for. From logo design to many branding essentials, Belymon Script offers you the best designing experience with its cursive typeface.

Let’s Download

Berry Juice Vintage Font

Vintage Premium Fonts - Berry Juice

Price: $12

Berry Juice Vintage Font is one of the best additions to this list of premium vintage fonts with its various ligatures and unlimited initial forms. 

The reason I recommended this font is due to its carefully designed glyphs that ensure maximum attraction into your product packaging or similar sort of graphic design work. This font is an ideal option if you’re working on edible project’s branding.

Let’s Download

Nebula Font

Best Font For Designers - Nebula Font

Price: $11

In case you want to add a stary effect with premium vintage fonts, I suggest you to consider Nebula Font. 

From posters to product labels, and even the logos, you can use Nebula Font in a number of places to ensure maximum quality in your work. With its flexibility in terms of software support and formats, this can be a perfect option for graphic design work.

Let’s Download


Vintage Fonts For Graphic Designers - Arizona

Price: $17

As we reach to the conclusion of our premium vintage fonts list, I’d recommend you to check out Arizona, another wonderful addition to this list that offers you capital letters calligraphy typefaces. This font, with its many glyphs, is a perfect formula for making your design work, your marketing collateral prominent, attractive, and on point.

Let’s Download

Flanders Font

Best Vintage Font - Flander

Price: FREE

Here’s one final recommendation from free vintage fonts as we reach to the conclusion of this post. Flanders Script Font is an ideal choice for designers with calligraphy or cursive script preferences. The reason for recommending Flanders is its bold italic script that gives your designs a 30s feel when such scripts were very popular in advertising and marketing related campaigns.

Let’s Download

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Ending Note

So, this was all in my premium and free vintage fonts list that I’m sure would help you selecting the best ones. There are so many options that can become a part of your branding plan but I personally liked Rumble Brave Vintage Font due to its floral elements that give your design a perfect feel of old times. 

Select the best vintage fonts from this list of premium and free options and keep creating beautiful logos, brochures and anything you want. Adios!

Disclosure: This content is reader supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

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