How has Pandemic Shaped the Branding in the World?

Coronavirus has changed the world and there is no doubt how it has shaped the marketing industry as well. The year 2020 started with the same situation as it is ending with no proper cure for the pandemic. Considering the situation, no one can tell a time when we will be back to our normal routine again, until then, this is the new normal.

The brands have to consider the uncertainty in the market as the new normal. A lot of brands suffered huge losses that led to laying off employees to companies shutting down permanently.

Despite hard times, brands have finally learned to shape their marketing as per the situation to get the best benefits out of it. They must transform their marketing tactics to ensure growth in the future times.

The pandemic was a high-time for brands to realize and accept the changing market conditions. Here are some marketing trends that prevailed during the pandemic and are not leaving so soon.

Online Shopping Will Stay

Online Shopping

The shopping behavior of consumers has changed significantly after the pandemic. The norm to maintain social distancing and avoiding crowded places have led people to engage in online shopping rather than visiting stores.

A rise of 169% is expected in the use of e-commerce platforms post-pandemic. The rising numbers suggest that the trend is likely to stay even after the pandemic ends. Consumers are likely to engage in online shopping, home deliveries, etc. as per their convenience.

As per the numbers, about 34% of people shopping products from Instagram only because of influencer marketing. Currently, eCommerce is the safest platform for people to shop due to pandemic. Amazon also reported an increase of about 26% in their sales in the first quarter of 2020.

Hence, marketers need to focus on directing the attention of their consumers in a more tailored way. It’s crucial to focus on online shopping channels to make sure that you don’t lose your customer. The marketers need to focus on using the available data more precisely to use it for their benefit. Sending out personalized offers by analyzing the data is crucial.

It’s important to make the best use of the analytics at this time to track the preferences of consumers and to assess their online behavior. Furthermore, it’s important for marketers to redesign shopper journeys to provide ease to their consumers.

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Sustainability and Hygiene Matters

Sustainability and Hygiene Matters

With the ongoing pandemic, consumers are more likely to follow the trend of contactless activities. Retail stores are also practicing self-checkout options to reduce the chances of any contact. One-time packaging will also continue to stay a priority of consumers rather than reusable packaging.

The coronavirus is still emerging in many places, therefore, consumers consider hygiene as a factor to visit a store or not. People are not likely to visit stores where the employees are not following the basic SOPs. Furthermore, disinfecting space is also crucial if you want to convince consumers that you care about their health. Self-checkout and curbside pickup is also gaining a lot of attention among Gen Z and millennials.

Considering the situation, marketers are finding ways to bring a broader marketing experience for their customers. For instance, practicing self-checkout or scan-and-go in the store may bring more customers to your store.

Eroding Brand Loyalties

Eroding Brand Loyalties

The pandemic has seriously influenced brand loyalties that brings a greater challenge for marketers. Most of the consumers are trying new brands with the intent of staying with their customers for a long time. For marketers, it’s important to notice when their customers are shifting to other brands. If they have the right information, they can focus on increasing promotional activity for their benefit.

Marketers can further make use of this information to recover the relationship between them and their customers. Currently, consumers are looking for brands that offer them value rather than just luxury. Although the situation is changing, almost 55% of consumers also said that they turned to the brands that they trust in the lockdown.

If one needs to do the branding in the right way, then it should start by recovering the lost trust between the consumer and the brand. Marketers may need to brand their business in the way customers would like rather than what would bring them to profit or fame.

Localized Marketing          

Localized Marketing

As lockdown and total shutdown prevail, the local neighborhoods are getting more attention than usual. People are stuck in homes, which brings them to use what’s near them rather than traveling to other places. Facebook and other social media platforms are playing a huge role in connecting people in the same locality.

At this time, brands need to focus on localized marketing to gain more benefit for their business. The marketers can use the new community networks to send out their message to the audience.

Marketers need to focus on personalization and rewire their marketing strategies as per the changing needs of people. Supporting similar businesses is also considered as a factor to drive more consumers due to higher safety and quality. It’s important to stand out in the crowd, but it’s also important to put changing consumer behavior into consideration.

Crib Economy Shall Prevail

Crib Economy Shall Prevail

The pandemic has caused people to stay at home for so long that there are chances of people not engaging in regular activities post-pandemic. As the economies are reopening, three-in-four consumers are more likely to not engage in activities outside of the home. Consumers are worried about going out in crowded places due to the pandemic, therefore, brands need to understand that this behavior may not change at all.

The pandemic has completely changed human preferences with more and more people looking for safety. It’s important for marketers to understand the current behavior of their consumers and find a way to engage with them. It’s important to consider omnichannel marketing, telecommuting, and crib-economy. If marketers want to reach their audience, then they need to find a new way to do it.

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From marketing to branding, everything has changed due to the pandemic. If the brands want to reach more and more audience, then they need to focus on finding a new way to do it. Consumers are following new trends and preferences and therefore, the past marketing habits may not work for them.

Marketers need to understand the ongoing consumer preferences and find ways to fulfill their needs in their way. If you’re a brand that wants to stay consumer’s favorite in the coming years, then it’s the right time to start connecting with them.

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